Polaroid 42″ Travel Tripod for Digital Cameras and Camcorders Review

polaroid-42-inch-travel-tripod-includes-deluxe-tripod-carrying-case-for-digital-cameras-and-camcordersThis Polaroid travel tripod is one of several in the Polaroid product line designed for use with both digital cameras and camcorders. It is constructed of lightweight aluminum and priced at the low end of the spectrum (similar to the Ravelli APLT2), making it an affordable accessory for amateur photography or video use. It can even be of use to the professional as an alternative to having to carry a larger tripod along on extended excursions. It is well suited for small cameras. It may not be sturdy enough to accommodate the larger cameras used by serious or professional photographers.

4.1 Stars


Lightweight and somewhat small, this Polaroid tripod nevertheless has a number of useful features. One innovation is the rubber-tipped legs. Some tripods that are extremely stable when used outdoors are less so when used indoors or on a smooth surface. The leg tips on this device are equally suitable for use on smooth surfaces or in rough terrain. Twist locks secure the legs once they are extended.

The construction is of industrial grade aluminum and a center brace provides added stability. The pan-head operates smoothly with the two levels that are incorporated can be adjusted to enable error-free panning. A standard-size screw mounts the camera. A carrying case is included.

Companion models are available that are adjustable to heights ranging from 50″ to 75″, and an 8″ mini featuring the same design is also available.


  • It is inexpensive; it has a great deal to offer for the price.
  • You will find the adjustment capability to be sufficient for most purposes as the mount is adjustable to nearly any position.
  • It is an unusually rugged piece of equipment for such a low price. It sets up easily and collapses easily for stowage.
  • It is available in several models featuring different heights – from 8″ to 75″.
  • The quick-release bracket will fit most cameras.


  • This model may be too light for use with some SLR cameras or stand-alone webcams.


For the price, the Polaroid line of tripods, including this 42″ model, are hard to beat. This one is quite sturdy for a low-priced model. It will serve you well if you restrict its use to smaller point-and-shoot cameras or small camcorders. The plastic moving parts do not appear to cause any particular problems since high-quality plastic is used and the use of plastic is commonplace with many other brands and models. You will need to be careful not to pull to hard or too quickly on the legs to extend them, but if you are reasonably patient you should never have to experience a leg coming loose. Due to the low price, it might be worthwhile investing in a second tripod such as the 8″ version, which is ideal for use on the desktop.